EPSU supports Lima Declaration on Tax Justice and Human Rights

23.06.2015 | admin

Tax revenue is the most important, reliable and sustainable instrument to resource human rights says a statement of an international coalition of tax justice groups including several with whom PSI and EPSU have collaborated

The statement is part of a global action week to draw attention to tax justice and ensure the rich and corporations pay their share. Today's corporate tax system is outdated and privileging the interest of multinational companies. The statement calls for re-writing the rules under the auspices of global UN based, inclusive and democratic tax body. Countries are called upon to cooperate and not undermine each other. Business actively seek to undermine taxation schemes through their aggressive tax planning for example as has been exposed by EPSU in the UnHappy Meal study on McDonald's. That tax justice needs to take centre stage as a key battle for trade unions and others is shown by a recent statement of a group of European airlines companies that not only demanded that the EU and Member States give them tax holidays (lower taxes) but in the same breath attacked the fundamental right to strike.  EPSU has signed the Lima agreement.

The full statement is available HERE 

And if you or your organisation wished to support it that can be done HERE 


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